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AIDSvideos.org is currently a purely volunteer effort. Here are some of the people involved in AIDSvideos.org and a brief description of their roles. Affiliations are listed for identification purposes only and do not indicate endorsement of AIDSvideos.org by any other organization, corporation, or entity.

Eric Krock, Executive Director

As the Founder and Executive Director of AIDSvideos.org, Eric Krock is responsible for building and maintaining the site, defining its policies for acceptable content, selecting videos for inclusion on the site, identifying new resources to help increase the breadth and depth of the site's coverage of HIV/AIDS-related topics and the number of languages included, and promoting awareness of the web site. Eric has been concerned for many years about the problem of HIV/AIDS and in particular its epidemic spread in Africa and only recently found this way to make a difference on the problem. He and his family have not been affected by HIV/AIDS itself, but his mother fought a 26 year long battle against progressive multiple sclerosis until her death in 2005, and this has given him a deep appreciation for the impact that a progressive, incurable disease can have on a person and their family, a desire to see that others are spared from the burden of viral diseases, and a desire to see that people battling disease can get access to the best treatment possible. He is a member of  RealizeAIDS.org and is a member of the Ethiopia AIDS/Medical Committee that is part of the Ethiopia Initiative at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church. He attended the first "Disturbing Voices" conference on global HIV/AIDS at Saddleback Church in December, 2005. He currently sponsors one child in Ethiopia. His other not-for-profit interests include regular blood donation and encouraging people to register as potential marrow donors. Eric brings to AIDSvideos.org fifteen years of experience in high technology at publishing, Internet, and video software companies including Interleaf, Netscape, Kontiki, and VeriSign. Eric wishes to make it clear that he is NOT a doctor and has no degrees, training, or certification relevant to HIV/AIDS and does not give medical advice. He is simply an interested, informed, and concerned layperson. He comments on YouTube as user AIDSvideos and can be contacted by email.

Becky Kuhn, M.D., Medical Advisor

As the Medical Advisor for AIDSvideos.org, Dr. Kuhn reviews and approves the original English language educational scripts created by AIDSvideos.org for scientific and medical accuracy and acts as the site's general advisor on HIV/AIDS medical issues. Becky Kuhn is a medical doctor with many years of experience including six years as a full-time HIV/AIDS clinician. She recently left her clinical practice to found Global Lifeworks, a not-for-profit focused on preventing the spread of HIV. She is available for educational seminars and transformational workshops. She can be reached by email at becky (insert at sign) aidsvideos.org.

Nick Bennett, M.D., PhD, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Bennett is a resident physician in the Department of Pediatrics at SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY. His PhD research was in the viral packaging mechanisms of HIV, during which time he cultured, isolated, sequenced and manipulated wildtype and mutant strains of HIV-1 and HIV-2.  As well as continuing his medical training he has written articles in the area of pediatric infectious disease for E-Medicine.com and Medical Laboratory Observer Journal, as well as several peer-reviewed publications in infectious disease and presentations at national research and teaching conferences.  He has worked on several clinical trials of childrens' vaccines and monoclonal antibodies against serious childhood infections.  Bennett became involved in combatting AIDS denial as a medical student prior to even starting his PhD, and has continued his work for the past 9 years debating in public forums (including a year-long debate with HIV denialists on the website of the British Medical Journal), and correcting the spread of AIDS misinformation through his own website at http://aidsmyth.blogspot.com.

Tom Bair, Video Technology Advisor

As the Video Technology Advisor for AIDSvideos.org, Tom Bair provides guidance on hardware, software, and codec selection and related video technology issues. Tom Bair is the principal of Gekko Productions and has 15 years' experience in video technology. He be reached through the Gekko Productions web site.

Marcio Galli, Web Designer

As our web designer, Marcio performs user experience definition, user interface design, and site development. Marcio Galli is the founder of Taboca Systems and has more than 10 years of experience with web technologies. He can be reached via the Taboca site.

Financial Status and Organization

It is our intent to formally incorporate AIDSvideos.org as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We have not done so to date because our expenses are relatively low, the executive director is able to cover them directly for now, we are not currently seeking or accepting financial donations, and our highest priority for the moment is creating and acquiring the rights to the largest library of HIV/AIDS prevention education videos in the world. If a person or foundation emerges who would like to make a donation in support of AIDSvideos.org, we'll accelerate the process of incorporating as there are certainly ways we could put donations to good use. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting AIDSvideos.org in any way.





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